I'm Out Of Here! Book

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Some men and women will stay in a job for years longer than they ought to, just because they're afraid of the fallout from leaving – or even fearful of the confrontation it involves. Others can't wait to go, so they can finally "speak their minds" and burn every bridge in sight, oblivious to the harm they're doing to their long-term prospects. But in today's marketplace, there's one thing we all have in common: sooner or later, we will have to leave a job. And it's incredible how few people know how to do it wisely.

In this book, I want to give you some quick and easy tips on making this transition. I'll take you through the process step by step so that you can leave your position with dignity, confidence, and the knowledge that you've left a reservoir of goodwill behind you. Some of these tips you may find to be common sense; others may be new to you. But when you're done with the process, you'll be able to leave your job in an ethical way that your previous boss and your teammates will respect you for.